Rajiv Gandhi Housing Scheme – 6 Lakh Houses to be Built in Karnataka by 2017

Rajiv Gandhi Housing Scheme – 6 Lakh Houses to be Built in Karnataka by 2017

A question of the land for the construction of residential units has been solved. According to the source, Housing Minister, Mr. Krishnappa said that the government has solved the issue of buying private land for the construction of housing projects where the government country is not available.

As per the information to Rs. 25 lakh will be spent on the development of land for the construction of houses in the project. Th project is for ensuring house for the homeless.

At the meeting of the official departments and the municipalities and other Mysuru department, Mr. Krishnappa said the availability of the government land remained a challenge in the cities for housing projects. “In such places we think of building houses vertically,” he added.

About 45,000 houses will be built for people in the slum worth Rs. 2,500 crore. On the other hand, Karnataka Housing Board has set a goal of building around 24,000 houses in the region.

He added that the government decided to give their country free for the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Scheme. The upper limit for the purchase of land in rural areas for the construction of houses was increased by Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh.

The ministry is willing to buy countries even to pay a sum of Rs. 75 lakh as in the case of Bengaluru and the surrounding area. The government has set a target for the construction of 9.75 lakh houses under Rajiv Gandhi Housing Scheme. Under the scheme were built around 4 lakh houses and remaining will be built next year worth Rs. 2,000 crore.

The minister stated that around 6 lakh houses will be allocated to the recipients of Rajiv Gandhi Housing Scheme by 2017-2017 and asked the officials to ensure transparent selection procedures under RGHS.

At the meeting, G.T. Deve Gowda, MLA, Deputy Commissioners and CEOs of the ZPs from the districts of Mysuru and other officials of the city and the municipalities.

The Minister also informed them that he had to meet the deadlines he had set for the selection of the beneficiaries without increasing the progress of the next meeting by 75 per cent.


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