KDA New Housing Scheme 2017 at Vinayak Shree NRI City Kanpur Mainawati Marg

KDA New Housing Scheme 2017 at Vinayak Shree NRI City Kanpur Mainawati Marg

First Scheme for the year 2017 was started by Kanpur Development Authority in Vinayak Shree NRI city Kanpur Mainawati. In the KDA new housing construction in 2017 the agency has 119 apartments for economically weaker section and lower income group categories.

KDA New housing scheme 2017

The apartments in the complex are in the size of 25 sqm for EWS apartment and 35 sqm for LIG apartments and the real estate code for EWS and LIG apartments is 001 and 002 respectively. These apartments are located in Vinayak Shree NRI city Kanpur Mainawati Marg. Of the total 88 residential units are LIG type and remaining 31 apartments are EWS.

Details of Flats in KDA New Housing Scheme 2017

Location Category Number of Flats Property Code Estimated Area (Sq. Mtr) Estimated Cost Registration Amount
Vinayak Shree NRI City Kanpur Mainawati LIG 88 002 35 Rs. 8,40,000/- Rs. 84,000/-
EWS 31 001 25 Rs. 3,90,000/- Rs. 39,000/-

The application procedure for the sale of forms under the scheme will begin on 6 January 2017. The application form can be obtained from the HDFC Bank Kanpur branch at Rs. 105 / – for EWS flat and Rs. 525 / – for LIG flat. The registration fee can be submitted by 20 January 2017 in the form of cash or cash on delivery.

A further payment for the allocation would be paid together with 15% interest and 10% interest on EWS and LIG apartments in 60 quarterly installments. The allocation of these dwellings would be carried out through a lottery process and allocation letters would be given by private developers because these dwellings are being built by them.

Important data:
Scheme Beginning: 6 January 2017
Procedure of the scheme: 20 January 2017

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KDA Official website

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