KDA Ready to Launch Janhvi & Bhagirathi Housing Scheme 2017 after Diwali

KDA Ready to Launch Janhvi & Bhagirathi Housing Scheme 2017 after Diwali

After a long time waiting, KDA is ready to bring his Janhvi and Bhagirathi settlement. KDA has also the offer of Rs released. 26 crores for the development work of the system. The KDA officials claimed that the scheme after Diwali starts.

Under the rules for the development of the system KDA has acquired the land of farmers. KDA had planned on the land Ngwan, Sakrapur to Swaran Jayanti Vihar Housing Scheme Extension, and Satbari near Shyam Nagar Bypass.

In addition to village society land the private land was also included. But after the introduction of the new 2011 Land Policy, the program was suspended. Due to this fact KDA could for the regulation not to acquire the land.

Under the new policy this year KDA got the approval of the country’s more than 80 percent of Ngwan farmers. The administrators using KDA officials hastily took possession of land to pay by compensation to farmers.

Around 82 hectares of land is of private and state in Ngwan, KDA Janhvi and Bhagirathi plans to bring settlement. The layout has been completed, approximately 1531 parcels are in Janhvi and 913 pitches in Bhagirathi Housing Scheme.

Under the program, these surfaces allotment to the EWS, LIG, MIG and HIG categories of society are available. Now officers KDA going to start the development work of the two systems. Both systems can be started after Deepawali. According to officials, in this residential plots the rate is likely to be Rs. 1500 / – per square meter.

However, KDA has released the deals streets in Janhvi and Bhagirathi housing scheme. The water, sewer systems and the electrification of the estimate are in preparation. This month tender for this work will also be released.

KDA Bhagirathi and Janhvi Housing Scheme
Total area 82 hectares
Ngwan village (near Shyam Nagar Bypass)
Bhagirathi plot 1531st
Janhvi plot 913th

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