Govt to Build 5,000 Low-Cost Houses for Poor in Bidar, Karnataka

Govt to Build 5,000 Low-Cost Houses for Poor in Bidar, Karnataka

A plan was drawn for the provision of housing units in poor segments for the construction of 5,000 houses in Bidar. According to the source, the district administration plans has focused to build on the use of modern technology for low-cost group housing complex. These units will be distributed to poor families of drivers, sex workers, beggars, widows, those who are physically disabled and other nine categories under the central housing of the government for all scheme in the state.

A single residential units under the plan are. In at the expense of Rs available 3.5 lakh.

The cost reduction could be achieved by new and efficient ways of construction as the use of fly ash brick and prefabricated walls, made in the state-run Nirmiti Kendra in Bidar. The device material is used, which are available in the district, so that the logistics cost can be reduced. Reinforced cement concrete will be used for the columns and ceilings, but cement plaster will be minimal.

According to the source is the first step to be placed for the construction in the labor colony slum in Bidar to these units, where 65 homes will be built over a month.

The Deputy Commissioner, Anurag Tewari cited that this project, which will be implemented to change the way of housing, and we submitted 5,000 homes to build a proposal to Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation and basically got the government approval to receive the first 500 homes. Once we pick up pace of construction, we will set up in the remaining four and a half thousand.

He insists that the work be completed quickly as Budget and group homes require fewer walls and minimal equipment and almost all materials will be produced locally.

This is not the first time when the advanced technology is used to construct housing units. According to the information Bidar has a history of constructing low-cost group had houses. In 2007-08, was in labor colony in Bidar were a total cost of only Rs.14 lakh and 135 houses built, built in Auto Nagar on the outskirts of Bidar on cost of Rs a complex of 35 houses. 70,000 each.

Project Highlights:

  • According to the plan is a single unit at the cost of Rs available. 3.5 lakh.
  • Houses will be built in the apartment of 16 houses in an area of 600 square meters.
  • Each apartment have houses on the ground floor and three upper floors.
  • The one-bedroom homes have a hall, a kitchen and a washroom toilet block.
  • Local stones and tiles are used.
  • Wood items will be replaced by cheaper, but more robust materials like wood paneled and honeycomb planks.
  • All fittings – electrical, plumbing and walls – will be made by agencies in Bidar.


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