India Adoni Pink Granite, Adoni Pink Granite From India

India Adoni Pink Granite, Adoni Pink Granite From India

Depending on requirements and popularity of Adoni Pink Granite is a reason to use it around the world. Adoni Pink Granite stone is; hard and long-lasting stone famous to use the interior, flooring, kitchen and step projects.

Adoni Pink Granite Importers import in bulk quantity, but small projects require less material, so that each Adoni pink granite from India import at low cost.

Adoni Pink granite Price decides sq mtr, but local buyers buy to when measuring it m². Some used square material in small flooring or other projects, and then can buy, but importers can not do that, because it can be expensive.

Adoni Pink granite imported one or two containers. Wholesaler of Adoni Pink Granite asks 100 or 200 containers Adoni Pink Granite export.

Tiles of Adoni pink granite is small pieces of stone, the end then cut to size and polish, if not otherwise required, natural Adoni Pink Granite supply in international and local market of Adoni Pink granite manufacturer of India tiles.

Normal size of Adoni Pink granite slabs: –
Size: 60cm x 180cm & more, 120cm x 240cm & more, 150cm x 180cm & more
Thickness: 18 mm, 20 mm. 30 mm, 40 mm and Higher

General size of Adoni Pink Granite tiles: –
Size: 30 x 30, 30 x 60, 40 x 40, 40 x 60, 60 x 60, 60 x 90
Thickness: 18 mm, 20 mm. 30 mm, 40 mm and Higher
Calibrated Champ Feathered tiles: –
Size: 305 x 305, 305 x 610, 457 x 457
The thickness of the calibrated Beveled Tiles: 10 mm, 12 mm
Adoni pink granite from India

Adoni pink granite from India

Adoni Pink Granite select just cut the edges of the machine edge, bullnose, half bullnose, and beveled.
Surface texture of granite choose Adoni Rosa wood, sawn, polished, brushed, flamed, Antiqued, Honed, leather or both surfaces (top and bottom) may be the same or both surface could be different.

The use of Indian Adoni Pink Granite: – It can be used as slabs, tiles, blocks, cobbles, steps and risers, countertops, mosaic, vanity tops, tabletops and kitchen top etc.

All top Indian Adoni Pink Granite Design for all indoor and outdoor areas and kitchen projects.


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