2-Bedroom Housing Scheme: Telangana Sanctioned 2,000 Homes for Khammam

2-Bedroom Housing Scheme: Telangana Sanctioned 2,000 Homes for Khammam

2-Bedrrom Housing Scheme: On the occasion of Independence Day, the streets and Construction Minister, T. Nageswara Rao has laid the foundation for the construction of 400 two-bedroom houses in YSR Nagar in Raghunadhapalem mandal under Khammam meeting voters. The estimated cost for the construction of these housing units is Rs crore. 24,20.

According to the information received from the source has Telangana state government under 2 bedroom units Khammam assembly constituency sanctioned approximately 2,000 residential units.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has agreed to sanction the election additional units. The construction of the housing units under the scheme will cost around Rs. 5.25 lakh.

The sorry state of Gollapadu channel in Khammam town that once now turned large irrigation canal into an open drain, the Minister of the channel said again would be prepared and modernized.

According to his testimony, the housing units for the people in the area around the canal would live adjacent available.

Khammam MLA Puvvada Ajay Kumar said plans are on foot to entrust the task of construction of houses on the roads and buildings department. The Chief Minister has assured to sanction the large number of homeless poor people in Khammam and its surroundings mandals regarding additional units to voters attitude, he said.


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